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Stress-free zone to help you relax and heal.

Welcome to my treatment room…

Your initial consultation includes energetic testing of your body’s meridian system. Bioresonance Testing represents an important diagnostic breakthrough of modern medicine, and perhaps the most significant in the history of medical diagnosis. It can help detect illness before it manifests into physical symptoms.

To understand the quality of your blood, a non-invasive blood test using breakthrough laser technology allows for quick spot checking of total hemoglobin, pulse rate, and perfusion of your blood flow.

Next, a test to check for changes in your body’s acid levels using a urine pH test is taken. Tongue and pulse diagnosis is then used as a final indicator of a person’s overall state of health.

The session lasts for around 90 minutes ($150) and includes a 20 minute acupuncture treatment.

Conveniently located in South Tampa, near the corner of MacDill Ave. and Cypress St. – Just a few minutes drive from I-275. The Medical Center also offers a pharmacy along with allopathic, chiropractic and massage services.

3031 W. Cypress St. Suite C
Tampa, FL 33607

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