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August 2010

“Dr Sach Mohan cited Genuine Dermaroller as a great alternative to IPL for darker skin. He confirmed Genuine Dermaroller is ‘a treatment which has gained immense popularity’”


In a featured title, ‘Beauty is Only Skin Deep’, Fashion and Beauty Editor, Sarah Hecks said following her first Genuine Dermaroller treatment

Although my face was quite red the next day, it was nothing make-up wouldn’t cover. During the next week my skin felt dry and started flaking. But Dermaroller is not a quick fix – it takes up to six weeks to see the full benefits and three treatments are recommended, and Sach tells me five treatments are recommended for acne scars and stretchmarks. So, do I look like Angelina Jolie? Well, I’ll never have her lips or her husband BUT three weeks in and I am definitely one step closer to having her glowing complexion – my skin looks so much fresher and younger and my sun-damage is a thing of the past. I can’t wait to see the final results in a few weeks.

Cosmetic Surgery & Aesthetics magazine

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In a piece on achieving a healthy glow, Dr Simon Bentley of the Minerva Clinic said, August 2010:

“Genuine Dermaroller and Dermastamp are proving to be increasingly popular treatment choices. There is little downtime and it has the benefit of ‘chemical free’, relying on stimulating the skin’s own natural growth to improve the appearance of pigmentation problems, fine lines and scars.”

In an ‘Ask the Expert’ piece on getting rid of chicken pox scars, Dr Simon Bentley of the Minerva Clinic, said of Genuine Dermaroller and the Dermastamp:

“The beauty of these treatments is that they come as sterile single-use medical devices and the quality of production is second to none.”